color consultation




custom interior paint color palettes for home or business

Does your interior need a refresh? Maybe you crave bold colors but are afraid of making a mistake. Or perhaps you prefer a more subdued look and sophisticated neutrals. Either way, I’ll help you achieve a balanced color design for a space that always feels great.

You’ll get a foolproof color palette with specific application instructions for all the main living areas of your house. Plus, you’ll get a set of accent colors that resonate with your paint colors. This means you’ll be able to use your color palette for any future design decisions like purchasing furniture, art or even remodeling a room. It’s a complete approach to color design for your space.

What to Expect

A Color in Space consultation is not your typical color consultation. It’s not my job to pick out colors for you or give you my opinion. Instead, a color consultation with me is a process. The end result will be more cohesive and satisfying than simply selecting trendy colors from a fan deck.

I draw inspiration from your preferences, how you want to feel in your space, elements you already own (like furniture and art) and unique architectural features to create the home of your dreams.

A typical color consultation lasts about 2-4 hours, but you will not need to be engaging with me the whole time. We start mid-to-late morning to get the best natural light. We won’t wrap up until you are 100% happy and excited about the color palette and know exactly how to apply it.


custom exterior paint color palettes for home or business

Considering painting your exterior? It’s never too early to begin planning the color design. This is a large home investment that affects not only you, but your neighbors and the environment too. Buying and testing paint samples on your house does not work. The Color in Space approach will save you time and money.

You’ll get a complete color palette that works with the architectural details of your home, landscaping and any other exterior features unique to your lot. You’ll also get thorough application instructions for your painter to make sure the color design is implemented properly. View sample exterior color schemes.